Photostockplus - Webinar
Event Stock is pleased to assist you with specialized live training online.
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Introduction to – Training Webinar
Our “Introduction to” webinar is designed to provide a quick and easy overview of the setup of your account. You will learn how to customize your online storefront, set image and product pricing, organize your galleries, and much more.
• Uploading
• Pricing and Product Selection
• Event Setup
• Website Customization
Advanced Event Marketing – Training Webinar
Attend our “Event Marketing” webinar for a thorough walk through of each marketing tool available. Learn tips from our experts to maximize the effectiveness of each tool and sell more photos at every shoot.
• Creating Coupons and Codes only for Sales and
   Marketing Promotions
• Packages
• Getting Samples and Product Posters
• Adding Discount Rules
• Adding Featured Products
• Adding Suggested Products to Cart
• E-Cards
• Business Cards and Flyers
• Email Collection Sheets
• Collecting Emails and Promoting Galleries
• Coupons
• Adding Marketing Text and Incentives
• Add Pre Made Product Banners
• Marquee
• Press Pass
Stock - Training Webinar
Ideal for photographers focusing on stock sales, our “Stock” webinar looks at how the Photostockplus system and search engine handles stock images so you can assure using it to your advantage. Helpful tips and suggestions are also shared to help you increase stock image sales.
• Creating a Stock Album
• What to Upload
• Setting Your Pricing
• Categories
• How Images Get Rated
• How the Search Algorithm Works
• Maintain Full Rights
• Descriptions
• Keywords
• EXIF Extraction
• What Images Sell
• Non Exclusive Relationship
• Royalty Free License Explained
Self Fulfillment & Template management
If you have a custom product you currently offer, you can make these products available through your Photostockplus account. The “Self Fulfill” webinar goes through the process of adding a product line, adding products, setting your pricing and making these products available to your clients the right way.
• Adding Self Fulfillment Products
• Activating and Pricing Self Fulfillment Product   Lines and Products
• Setting the Additional Image Calculations
• Adding your Images to your Template   Management System (Memory Mates, Posters,   etc ...)
• Multi Image Self Fulfill (Gold Account Feature   only)