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Selling Stock

Selling Stock

Photostockplus is a revolutionary concept that allows you to upload and sell your work online. We actively promote the stock database and our photographers to a wide variety of buyers guaranteeing you worldwide exposure. We provide you with the tools and client base to be successful; you keep 85% of the profits.

Images are sold on a royalty free basis. You are free to sell your images over and over again and raise or lower prices as you see fit.

We are very different from traditional agencies in that you are in control of your own work. You decide which photos to upload and how much to charge for them. You maintain all rights to the photos. You will categorize and add Meta-data or keywords to your images so they can be found by buyers.

Image Marketing markets its image database through many innovative means on the internet as well as through industry specific resources. We have relationships with hundreds of companies on the look out for fresh stock.

Selling Stock