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Easy Upload Tools

Uploading your images has never been simpler. Our uploading technology supports both PC and MAC and is designed to speed up your workflow. Our photo-loader uses compression technology that will automatically compress your original .jpg images into thumbnails while adding your custom watermark for security. In the case of event images, you can even leave the editing until after the image is ordered, you will still have this chance to edit the requested file prior to uploading.

Stock photos are uploaded as full size images as buyers are permitted to download the image directly from the site.

Our system is designed to handle large volumes of images and can upload simultaneously to multiple albums. Organizing and managing your up-loads has never been easier. Create albums on the fly right from within your up-loader tool.

When a client places an order, you are notified by email as well as within your up loader tool. You will be prompted to fulfill the full size event images by clicking the notification tab. Your files will be automatically added to your up loader ready for editing or delivery to the lab that will commence production. If you are not doing after the fact editing you can even set your up-loader to auto fulfill orders so that ordered images are uploaded as the requests come in without your manual acceptance.

To make things even faster you can integrate your image editing software into our up-loader tool for fast file opening and editing.

Our stable and reliable up-loader tool provides everything you need to create, upload and manage your online albums and fulfillments.

Photostockplus Uploader Tool