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Effectively improving your home page marketing to promote product sales
is easy.

Here are some great ideas and examples to borrow from:

  1. Add Text

    Add text promoting a general site special discount that will be available until a given date. Simply create a secondary price group with a 20% discount so you can change the price group on the event. You can always extend a special if you choose or bring it back in the future.

  2. Set Expiry

    Make events expire on a certain date to create an urgency to order. You can easily turn event on and off in the back end without removing the photos so that you can then bring them back online for holidays or other special offerings. You always have the option to come back and add text that due to popular demand this event is online again.

  3. Announcements

    Produce text just for a specific product like a photo book, photo cut out or any other product announcing a discount and offering simple instructions on how to order the product. You can also be more vague and just say something like “Photo books now as low as $34.99”

  4. Limiting Availability

    Let people know that products are available for purchase through your website now but may not be in the future.

  5. Highlight Savings

    Add a descriptive paragraph about your packages and the savings and exact products they receive with them.

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