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Complete Features

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Free trial Basic 99 Pro 199 Gold 499
Storage space 50 MB 300 MB 2 GB 10 GB stock
(Unlimited event uploads)
Stock Sales  
Set your own mark-ups
Integrated shopping cart
Hundreds of prints and gift items
Dozens of home page templates
Dozens of themed and generic event templates
Add logo, text, html and flash to web templates
Client favorites folders
Sell image downloads
Slideshow with music
Per gallery pricing
Optional Photo Comments
Client search options
Add your own products and self fulfill
Adjustable image watermark
Press pass
Referral program
Generate contact forms
Quickly order all images feature
Image protection features
Backprint copyright info
Comprehensive reporting
RSS and Atom feeds
Individual account manager
Credit cards or checks processing
Unlimited customer service
Auto fulfill capabilities
Product previews
Quality packaging and shipping standards
Quality customer service
Add markup to shipping
Add notes to invoices
100% satisfaction guarantee
Add additional pages and insert HTML or FLASH design elements      
Multi image self fulfill. (enables you to sell cd's, books or cutom posters by collecting files and necessary text)      
Enhanced designs      
View clients favorites and email info      


Gallery structure and workflow
Lightning fast uploader tool (pc/mac)
Unlimited Group, event and sub events
Designated stock albums
Password protection on any album
Select thumbnail preview for event
Select main image
Organize storefront, galleries and sub folders
Upload to multiple galleries simultaneously
No per gallery time limit or additional charges
Correct images after purchase instead of on upload
Compress and watermark on upload
Last-look crop adjustment      


Marketing tools
Multi product Packages
Coupons (Pay on purchase only)
Volume discounts
Feature products above images
selection of promotional banners
Spice up site with HTML or FLASH
Email collection
Import / export collected e mails
Promotional text and ideas
Customizable business cards and flyers
Send thematic e-cards from galleries
Scrolling marquees
Image popularity stats


Specialty consumer creatable items
Custom action sports poster
Memory mates
Trader cards
Inspirational posters


Stock features
Sell images worldwide  
Promoted to stock buyers  
Image review and rating  
Weekly image assignments  
Automatic EXIF capture on upload  
Editable keywords for database recognition
Category selection
Property and model release information


Extra fee based services
Custom template
Integrate your design for a a seamless branded solution
Use your own domain name
Search engine optimization
Banner design
Website, logo and marketing design services