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PhotoStockPlus Legal Documents

Commission Structure
Members will receive 85% commission on all sales of royalty free licenses.
For product sales you will earn 85% of the markup price you set to products, minus a 3.25% processing fee on the entire purchase price.

Example: You set the markup of a 38 cent print to $10.00.
The client pays $10.38
You make 85% of $10.00 = $8.50 - 34 cents processing fee = $8.16

Payments are issued monthly on the first of the month to accounts with a minimum balance of $100.00. Early payments or checks under $100.00 can be requested at a charge of $25.00.

Pro Member Agreement

Royalty Free Download Agreement (for Stock photos)

Image Download Personal Agreement (for Event photos non commercial use)

Privacy Policy

Shipping Policy