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About Us was founded April 21st, 2004 with the idea of bridging the gap between photographers and photo buyers. A two tiered service was born that enables stock photographers to connect with a photo buying network while providing event photographers gallery and lab services that facilitate online sales.

The business of photography is a unique mixture of art, creativity and commerce. As a technical intermediary, we are committed to delivering a well rounded and practical product that is backed with outstanding customer support and service.

We believe in putting tools in the photographer’s hands that enable them to grow their businesses. Our in house management, programming, marketing and design team are continually developing and implementing new services to help photographers increase their per-photo sales potential.

Listening to our clients has been paramount in our success and we encourage you to share your ideas with us. We hope to support you with a well rounded business team that has the means and infrastructure to implement ideas that encourage growth in your business.

Maintaining positive working relationships with photographers and photo buyers is our number one priority. We believe the customer is always right and that is why we back everything we do with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

You can expect to speak with knowledgeable and friendly staff when calling or emailing our offices. Please feel free to contact us any time for personal assistance in any way. We sincerely look forward to hearing from and hopefully... working with you!


Ilan Artzy

414 Rue McGill, Suite 302
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2G1
Phone: (315) 623-0015